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Anyone can volunteer at Gilman, whether it be by going to a show and helping out at the front door, attending membership meetings, or even helping promote a show or a fundraising event.

To help out with a show, just come by an hour before the doors are scheduled to open and let the show’s coordinator know you’d like to volunteer. They can usually be found hanging out near the front door or walking around with a clipboard. We usually need help with selling and tickets, checking for wristbands at the front and side doors, and cleaning up after a show. The positions are available on a first come basis, so please arrive early if there is a particular position you have in mind. You will only need to work for half the show, and you’ll be able enjoy the other half without having to pay to get in.

Membership meetings, where the collective discusses and votes upon matters pertaining to the operation of the club, are held the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, 5PM, at 924 Gilman and via Zoom. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend regardless of involvement!

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